Can you hear me now? 

I know life is hard and everyone believes their own (usually self inflicted) struggles are tough, and may seem to be impossible to get through. However it’s important to ask yourself,

Do you really believe that God has something in store for you? A lot of times we ask the question “why me” why must I suffer and go through? Do you recall what it was that he encountered, endured and sacrificed just for you? Granted it may seem mediocre to you; however how many people in your crew do you know or honestly feel would give up their child, Let alone sacrifice their life for you. Every time we fall or see obstacles in our way it’s an opportunity to overcome and testify to others that it is possible for them to move forward and overcome too. Jesus life wasn’t a walk in the park, why should ours be? Humility, dignity and appreciation is what majority of humanity lacks. Turn your complaint in a physical gain