Failure is good for you. This concept may not apply to every situation, but you must understand with failure comes knowledge. If you examine the factors involved with why you failed, it can help ensure you don’t fail for that same reason in the future. We cannot be afraid of failure and we cannot use the fear of failure as an excuse to not try. In life we all fail, but how you perceive that failure ultimately determines what happens after it has taken place. People tend to become discouraged after a fail. We must understand failure gives us the opportunity to eliminate weaknesses. By analyzing the dynamics that surround a fail we can better adjust behavioural patters so that they are more consistent with winning. Under certain circumstances the rule applies that you will not win, until you first learn how to properly fail. Some of us find ourselves in the same situation simply because we haven’t learned the lesson from the first failure. We must use these failures to our advantage. We must manipulate them so that although the situation didn’t have the desired outcome, we still take away some good from it. In essence we must find the good in the bad. We must not allow failure to be the end. We must be resilient and always conscious of the overall goal. We must remember one fail does not always mean success can’t still be achieved. If you maximize your wins and are capable of turning a potentially bad situation into a positive, you have established a foundation for a consistently successful lifestyle. No matter how successful you are, no matter how much money you have, no matter how friends are in your circle, it is a fact adversity will find a way to hinder progress. We as people must make a choice  to not allow that hindrance to stop progress in entirety. Stay focused. Stay resilient. Stay Victorious.