Being mindful of the company one keeps and what energy is allowed into our lives.
What type of people do one surround themselves with, what type of people do one hang out with?  
(people you surround yourself with doesn’t necessarily mean that one hangs with them) i.e I had associates I’d party with and separate associates I’d hang and gossip with. –
What drew one to them, have you learned anything of value?
Do they increase or decrease? Do they have your best interest and command growth?
When I was younger I had tons of friends, so I thought. As of now… Personally about 2, several friends in passing and let’s not forget my hundreds of associates. Hundreds via social media that is, you’d be surprised who tend to think they know you based off a picture, captions and videos. When I was younger and naïve I wasn’t capable of being a good friend, I never understood the definition.
How could I even befriend a decent friend?
Majority of my friendships came from trials and error and very few stuck, even the ones who did, it was a rocky journey. I did not understand nor demonstrate accountability, loyalty or honesty. I just enjoyed people being around me, unaware of my own undoing’s and the stress or drama people could inflict into each one’s lives.
Since I’ve been on this recent path of seeking guidance and my life’s purpose from building a closer relationship with God, taking accountability for my actions past, present and future. I had to allow forgiveness for myself and others into my heart. I understand that I am human so that means I am capable of growing, adapting and moving forward. I’ve learned, I am only as good as the company I keep. To attract better company, I needed to become better within. Along came knowledge, then came improvements. I would constantly ask God for a change. The answer I received “It has to begin with you.” Releasing my past, hurt and betrayal merely built on justifications and ignorance. I began to strive to be a better person to myself and others.
Be mindful that; The (TYPE) of people, places and things ONE allows into their lives will influence energy levels and some outcomes. Negative plus a negative does NOT equal a positive.
Surround yourself with people who wants you to win, who will support you and wishes the best for you genuinely.
Ditch all naysayers, doubters, gossipers, dependents and NEGATIVE ENERGY ASAP