1pizzaIntroducing the first Pizza Hut fully autonomous delivery concept vehicle, Toyota is teaming up with pizza hut and investing millions into these vehicles. The driverless concept vehicle that could one day cook and deliver Pizza Hut pies will be available in the near future. Now I have weighed out the pros and the cons but I want to let you decide what do you feel is best in the people’s interest. I personally think that it’s a bitter sweet deal, in the past individuals (delivering pizza) have gotten threatened, hurt and even lost lives providing the diligence within the community. So, I understand the safety being the company’s concern and liability. I do not mean to sound insensitive, however individuals have lost their lives in the line of duty for centuries and you don’t see the military replacing soldiers with robots or droids. The issue with this situation is that thousands of individuals will be without jobs unless, that is they are possibly the mechanics fixing the machines. Instead of wage increases and or better benefits for individuals, pizza hunt is investing into these machines. How many people will be laid off? This is a trend that been causing controversy, are robots replacing humans? We see it happening right before our eyes. Another example, EZ-pass has replaced the jobs held by individuals in the tolls with machines and automated readers. I guess the internet plays a major part in this evolution as well; notice all the online shopping. What happen to driving to a mall and manually shopping, so many stores have gone out of business. Today’s solutions are tomorrow’s troubles, technology is a convenience and is being put ahead of humans. Studies suggest that technology is making us lazy and taking away jobs. What will they think of next?