This is the second week of a new year, congratulations! Everyone above ground is blessed and have something to be happy about because that means we were lucky enough to have made it to 2018! Often time when we go into a new year, majority of us create new year’s resolutions to strive for; some more realistic than others meanwhile some reframe from the tradition for lack of hope/faith, fear of failing, comfortability and maybe don’t have a clue as to how to start a new. Well I’m here to tell ya, baby steps are better than no steps. I was recently stuck in a rut mindset when it came to fulfill my purpose on this earth (I believe everyone has one) and guidance to lifestyle improvements. If we can identify where it is we lack and need to excel; financial, physical, mental and or spiritual, that is a start. I noticed I put more time and energy into distractions, looking for short cuts, how I messed up in my past and why it’s effecting my future. For instance; I never completed college, I had children at a young and unready age and I also held so much hurt and resentment from my past that it hindered my growth. I wasted too much time and energy in the things that did not determine who I was but did not realized those situations showed the progress to who I am or to become. I expected the success and happiness from the world at no cost, without hard work, commitment, dedication, sacrifice or patience. I never worked hard in my life, hence why I never received anything worth keeping because I didn’t understand what earning was. I am here now to share my story and provide the keys I never realized we all always obtained and possessed within. Patience, knowing that nothing happens over night and if it does; most likely it may have the possibility of crumbling just as fast. One hit wonders are a prime example, someone who forces their all into one project and burn themselves out before they really begun. Think about it, what’s better food from the microwave or made on the stove? Yea, the microwave is a convenience but not a permanent solution. In life we should treat our energy and passion the same, we must invest and harvest.  This is just a reminder to be mindful of who we share our harvest with and what we spend our energy on. Are we investing into something that will produce positivity and productivity? What’s stopping us from reaching our full potential? Who is in control of our energy?