Thirsty Thursday’s- Thought & lesson taught

As a writer, entrepreneur, or anything that requires sales, clients/customers, and or interaction. In the beginning, it is easy to become almost desperate for new followers/supporters, views and will do just about anything to gain them. Most of us research, work long and hard while investing into the very thing we believe in. Sometimes it gets frustrating when it seems as if we are simply stuck in the same place. I know personally there are people/ groups that prey on the lost and determined. I too have been in the same boat, I did what most people would do; google some ish and stumble across some bogus Ads stating, they have the marketing strategy to drive traffic to one’s platform. Well let me tell ya, IT’S A SCAM! What these people do is down right horrid, they take your money and basically play you. Yeah sure they promise you higher numbers and they provide those however, if you check out each account that followed your platform; you’ll soon learn that they are empty fake accounts aka bots. The creator is nothing more than a hacker so to speak. They manipulate the systems and or somehow gain control over multiple accounts and span likes and follows. Only problem is once they are done, you will not receive constant activity only high numbers. Prime example: EXPERT GRAM; found this company through facebook ads. It wasn’t until I decided I wanted to write and do positive outreach did I notice alllllll the facebook ads geared towards what I wanted, tried and attempted to do.

 Basically, anyone can create an ad or company via facebook without much research into the company. I left a comment on their facebook page stating that I knew how these things work and forewarned people of the bogus company and their types. Guess what? That stroked a nerve, the next thing I knew I received a filtered message calling me a fxxxing bxxxx. Then an Dm via Instagram requesting I remove my comment and rating, a bit of back and forth with the creator; telling me that I was wrong and that I knew northing about their company. Once I refused to take down my ad…. BOOOM! Not only did the man prove my point by flooding my IG with rude comments, spammed over 2000 likes on a picture and continued to spam the heal not harm facebook page. Oh, and I almost forgot my personal website was also spammed with dirty comments. All because I gave facts and a rating. Success cannot be bought overnight and even if it could, it wouldn’t be 9.99 or even 29.99. Also, I want to point out all the positive /motivational speaker’s ads and or courses that are floating around; ESPECIALLY ON FACEBOOK! Targets are created and based on one’s interest (frequent clicking) . Be smart! Truth be told, there isn’t any paid or magical formula to success! Just because it glitters doesn’t mean its diamonds or gold. I paid for an e-book that supposedly gave tips/steps- on how to successfully blog. Yeah it was merely $5.85 but imagine $5.85 times 1000+, not only that; as I was trying to check out the ebook I agreed on, there are at least 3-5 additional services that are apparently offered as a supreme package upgrade. Now if everything is in this ebook for 5.85, why do I need the additional information, which was anywhere from $100-300!! Once I denied the additionals, next; I received a free webinar invitation. Long story short, the speaker talked in circles and offered additional courses for a price of course. The webinar simply covered the speaker’s success and minimal pointers, but the topic went from blogging to selling. Hence why I feel that hard work will quench a thirst faster than a quick payment. Sacrifice, patience and consistency are the keys to success