New Year- fixing bugs

Ok so I have seen a lot of slack on my timeline taunting those who uses the cliché “New year, new me” As if to say nobody believes you or simply shut up already! … This is how I see it,

if iOS can upgrade/ update every month so can I 🙄👀😂

So NEW YEAR – #2018 is a updated/ upgraded me.

Fixing the bugs- leaving all ill feelings and negativity behind.. old habits die hard ✊🏾

So for 2018 I’ve made a list of the things I brought with me

Opportunities, positivity and gods will into the NEW YEAR #2018 – shed any fears, self doubt, negativity and crabs in a barrel type people. LEAVE all hurt, hatred and burdens in 2017… You got this and GOD HAS YOU 💕❤️✊🏾😎


What I left behind-

Toxic friendships

  • Any friendship that requires more energy than is received
  • Money borrowers (how can one get ahead)
  • Debbie downers/negative Nate (stuck in a rut always complaining)
  • Competition
  • Loyalty can’t be bought and shouldn’t be questioned


  • Draining/ sacrifice
  • Tolerating less then / setting poor examples of expectations
  • Investments into a positive future is through having a baby
  • Jail birds/ failed street sales man- hard head soft behind
  • Past with holding future


  • Self-doubt
  • Distractions
  • Reminiscing on past attempts
  • Listening to naysayers/others who aren’t excelling in their own life
  • Ill feelings towards anyone- (holding grudges aren’t healthy.)