Let’s face it, it’s easier to give excuses and place blame on others or society for one’s makeup, mindset, pain or suffering, work ethic and or failures. For instance, I was resentful towards my mother simply because I felt she could have influenced my turn out as an adult more than I felt she did. I blamed the fact I never really found interest in attending college or even finishing high school on her, I felt as if she gave me the easy way out. Granted she worked hard and wanted the best for my siblings and I and for us to bring home good grades, I simply cannot remember a time that I took school seriously. As I’m writing this, the more I reflect on my life I never took anything seriously enough.  While she did what she could and what she thought was best for my siblings and I, given her limited financial and educational situations. She never gave up and managed to keep food and a roof over our heads. She protected and guided us to the best of HER abilities and kept us in a child’s place as long as she physically could. Even though so badly I wanted to place blame on my mother for MY short comings. To be honest I was more focused on growing up physically, I didn’t have time to think or pursue mental growth. I just wanted to be an adult clearly, I knew nothing about being a stable adult.  If I would have made a choice to want more for myself instead of simply getting from under my mother’s rules and regulation. In all reality, it was my action and choice to take the easy way out, instead of pushing through the rough parts and wanting it bad enough for myself. I felt like maybe if she was stricter and enforced the seriousness and importance of education or being an upstanding scholar. Maybe I would have turned out better and blah blah blah. I held on to my mistakes and excuses because it was what I felt to be MY truths and provided me with comfort. Never fully taking accountability for myself or actions. In hindsight I was never hungry enough, I enjoyed and found comfort in laziness and doing bare minimum and in doing so I received bare minimum throughout life. Nothing in life worth having can or will be just handed over. If it is there will not be any true value or appreciation involved because it was not earned. God, spiritual growth, mental enhancements and finances are all obtainable. The question is how bad do we want it, and will we let ourselves and excuses stand in our way? There are too many resources to be merely stuck without solutions. When we get out of our own way and let God have his, everything will fall into place but only if we move towards that place. As the famous saying goes “faith without works is dead” Dead things do not move nor do they grow. We have only one life, why complain or place blame, meanwhile staying still mentally as time passes by. Can’t do anything about the past besides learning from it, remembering that one solution will not fix all problems and carrying anything from our past only hinders our journey.