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When things aren’t right in our life or current situation, who do we give the credit to? Often when life is going well we take full accountability and give credit to basically our own doings, hard work and dedication. While when situations are not so Good we tend to blame one another, or conclude that God may have forsaken our us. Here’s the thing… If truly documented, God’s son had life on this earth and he encountered several trials, tribulations and betrayal. Without anger towards man or his father he strived without placing blame on his father. If everything was always easy or perfect, why would we need or desire God? How would we learn without experience and how would be prepared throughout life? What would it take to make us grateful, how could we know when mercy had been placed upon us? I truly believe most situations are self-inflicted or simply a test for experience, mental and spiritual strength.  First and foremost, God allowed us free will; meaning there is nothing he forces upon us. Even when it comes to love, following, learning or acceptance. Ultimately our daily choices, mindset and decisions are our situation’s foundation. We also had the ability to shape other’s perception. While talking to past church goers or simply those who choose to believe only in God but not his or man’s practices. I have asked individuals “why they do not attend church” majority state due to emotional damage and or personal disagreements. I personally feel going to church does mind and spirit well, when fellowshipping within Christ because just as if in the army; which is only as great as its line of defense and being on one accord. Now I know others who felt the churches practices were faulty. I also agree with the fact, there are SOME faulty churches that are manmade. BOTTOM LINE: THIS IS A COOP OUT and the solution to all this is quite simple, realizing and taking accountability for one’s self and grasp the fact that NO ONE is perfect. Riddle me this… when we experience betrayal in school, work places or relationships or in life in general; does one automatically surrender, keeping one from continuing moving forward? In some situations, yes. It is difficult dealing with hurt, being overwhelmed, guilt and or feeling a sense of defeat. However just like life continues to do, we too must continue and move on. Discomfort is temporary. No one moment, feeling or disagreement should ever make one change our sense of direction or dedication. As in life we may fight with our families, friends and significant others HOWEVER; in most cases those moments do not separate our bond, bloodline or ties with one another permanently. At least it shouldn’t. Same with belief, it is our decision to distance ourselves from vessel to God aka the church because of personal hang ups. At the time of judgement, when we meet our creator would we be just as likely to take accountability or merely place blame for our absence on other’s actions. Would we take accountability for our actions and Decision to follow through on whatever we choose to do or believe?
when a teenager decides to drop out of school, like myself; I made the decision to give up on my education because of my emotions and feelings of being overwhelmed. However, I never thought about how my decision to leave high school would ultimately play a part in deciding my fate in a sense. Now based on making a simple choice, I unknowingly sculpted my working ethics and pattern. When I started working during and after my teenage years, I took that same {quit when it gets hard) attitude. So, I went through job after job after job. Never really learning anything other than how to obtain a job, while maintaining employment was seemingly difficult. Currently still paying for my decision to quit because I’m behind in the progress to success. Who am I to blame? My mother for whatever reason, society and apparently being kept down by the man or take accountability. The fact that I for gave up because I was uncomfortable. We are initially the holders of our fate, relationship with God and success. When we fail it is our obligation to take accountability for our actions, decisions/choices. Not to torment ourselves but to learn from our experiences and mistakes. LASTLY this same process works for the people we encounter and deal with. Example being involved in toxic relationships based of insecurities or effortless comfortability. Anything worth having is worth fighting and sacrificing for. Being mindful of who we place the blame on.