When you can get more for less, would you insist on offering more? More than likely no one would, people always want more quantity especially of a good thing. Worldly materials, love, intelligence and stability are internal and external valuables. which when obtained and made meaningful are all privileges of life. Believe it or not; there are people lacking, craving and preying on those valuables. Hence; ever notice how nice a person becomes when they want or need something. In any type of relationship, it is possible to become consumed in comfortability and illusion, so much so that one does know when drainage may be taking place; if more is being taken rather than given or divided. One may consciously allow drainage to take place due to manipulation and or lack of self-esteem; the chore of finding somebody else can pose a threat as well. NEVER LET YOUR PAST DEFINE WHO YOU WANT TO BE OR WHAT YOU DESERVE. Unconsciously one may be naïve or simply unaware due to mental conditioning, having hope meanwhile in a hopeless situation. Scenario: (relationship) Accepting when a significant other does not provide mental stimulation or invest to inspire growth. Being involve with an individual simply because one can’t fathom the thought of being alone and allowing another’s happiness to matter more than our own. A guy offering nothing outside of bare minimum using one as his personal resource to survival. It’s a misconception that when someone does a nice or good gesture means that the individua cares. In all actuality the individual is more than likely securing a spot, by playing with heart strings. Imagine someone does you a solid and for that one favor, you owe them YOUR LIFE. When something is done genuinely you should never hear about it. Now if you’re in a tit for tat situation, there is no love involved. You know how we go to the store in search of deals? Like paying for a bracelet to get into the carnival and having 100% access or simply buying some ticket which will inevitably run out.

Scenario: Friend – That one friend who always want to go out or do something but ALWAYS BROKE, always asking for something and never freely willing to contribute. The friend who will rely on you without being reliable.

Want to know if a person is for you or simply want from you? When they want something tell them you are unable to help, if you’re like me and don’t like saying the word NO. If the individual distance themselves and or hold any type of resentment because you couldn’t not give them what they didn’t already have nor was it your fault that they were without.


Some given more time than others however, our time here on this earth is granted daily but not guarantee; every day that past along with the years we are granted here should be acknowledge and appreciated. BASICALLY, TIME IS PRECISE! I don’t care who you are, EVERYONE deserves to be appreciated and never taken for advantage. Once you realize your worth, you’ll understand less is more. Less mess equals less stress.