Everyone has experienced a low point, lapse of confidence or simply a moment in life which they aren’t too proud of. However, the definition of past is; gone by or elapsed in time: our past is called that for a reason, it’s a place in time that no longer exist in the present nor future, a moment in our lives that we’ve gotten over. Some things are easier to get over than others, but it can be done. Harboring ill memories or feelings only hinder us from moving on within our lives and has the potential to damage our happiness and growth. Forgetting, learning and or moving forward isn’t always the easiest thing to do because sometimes the mental/physical scars are constant reminders. I speak for myself when I say I use to stay mad at individuals for any and everything for what felt like centuries; however, that did not stop the individual I was upset with from moving on and living their lives (happily & per usual). I have also been a victim to my past by simply by worrying about what others would say or remember about my short comings / past. Constantly beating myself up over decisions that I have made and later regretted ever happened. I learned the difference between taking accountability and blaming one’s self which are two different things. What did my bitterness and sorrow get me, nowhere but dwelling in my own past’s misery. None of which changed, helped or removed my situations from happening; fact is one can retract their words but never their actions. We must keep in mind that some things from our past provide experience, character, strength and wisdom. The past should be used as a learning tool, guidance/reference and a testimony. I learned to Never feel less than the next individual because of my past, everyone has a been embarrassed some point in their lives; every so-called saint was/is a sinner and has a past they just decided to flourish in a different/positive direction. Does not matter what togetherness is being shown; everyone on this beautiful messy earth has been or is currently a mess. It is solely up to use to repair and reinvent ourselves or remain damaged. Why not choose to be happy, why let things that cannot be changed eat at us, dictate one’s future and wellbeing or happiness? Everyone deserves happiness and we’re responsible for when and how we obtain and maintain that happiness. I used to blame everyone else for the issues I had developed within myself and for me not being happy. Basically, I was involved with self-inflicted misery, I choose to stay mad and upset because either I was waiting for an apology or thinking my emotion would provide a change. I believe God doesn’t make mistakes and every struggle is designed based on the foundation of our strengths and how we will rise above. Remember all a butterfly did not start out so beautiful , but it had to go through to get through and it was all worth it.