We have the power to resolve 99.9 percent of our problems/situations by simply avoiding them. Rather its work, home, relationships or ourselves. A lot of the things we go through are because we inflict them on ourselves and disappointments spiral from the expectation we put amongst others. We rely on people more then we rely and allow God the opportunity to work things out, even though he knows best. We pray whenever we want or need, that’s when we consider his will, grace and favor. Soon as we think we got things figured out, we give him less and expect more. What happens next??… God will allow us to go back to situations and stress that we put on ourselves and allow in our lives. Like our cell phones, we’ll talk, text, use apps, listen to music and even watch movies; knowing that we have a LIMITED amount of power but will use it to a mere 10%. Soon as that warning flashes across our screens, that’s when we become (aware) and decide to charge our phones. We don’t care or take into consideration how much power or energy we may be draining or using until we need more. God doesn’t want to be our temporary fix and we should hold ourselves to that same standard. If someone is draining you, using you or you find themselves only in your company or pleased, when you are beneficial. Run, leave, skip or jump out of that situation/relationship as soon as possible. YOU DESERVE MORE, and God will give you desires of your heart if you follow him. I used to waste a lot of my time and energy by allowing drama, none sense, fake friends (solely for the companionship) to consume and take place in my life. I was easily influenced by temptation and a sense of wanting to belong or fit in. Relationships; I never took time to love and learn myself, so relationships were bound to fail. I Never set a standard just simply a tolerance, which isn’t necessarily a great ideal because that tolerance only allowed me to settle. Friendships taught me that just because a person or people are around you while you’re in your struggle, doesn’t mean they won’t be your downfall (carbs in a barrel) once they see any potential or opportunity. Don’t let people determine your happiness or set your standards as to what you deserve. The past is simply that for a reason, GET PAST WHATEVER MAY BE HOLDING YOU BACK! If you find yourself questioning your position in anyone’s life, move on. If you’re in a situation that causes stress, makes you go against your better judgment or that takes away from you; physically, spiritually, mentally and or financially. THROW THE WHOLE ENTIRE SITUATION AWAY! You don’t need it, why carry more baggage than you must, life comes with enough let downs on its own. NO ONE on this earth has had a 100% problem free life, however in most cases our problems are based on our decisions. DECIDE TO Live life, laugh, love and move on 😊 #healingcorner IMG_1843