Ever notice when you attempt to put your mind towards positive structure, obstacles and situations occur while discouragement is constantly running behind you.
However, it seems easy to be persuaded into using our choices towards something that could potentially lead to ultimately negative consequences. Most of the time being impatience is what drives our hasty decisions. Things seem to typically get hazy when the temptations presented provide the illusion of: a better situation, temporary relief, comfort or a quick method to a better means.
Using my own experience as an example: It all started because I was surrounded by a problem and tempted with a solution that lead to a revolving door of bad decisions and dead ends. So basically, I became frustrated and impatient about my situation. Subconsciously I majorly went against every logical bone in my body and any sense of sane thinking. I chose to pursue a lifestyle that was unstable but able to provide faster temporary comfort. Physically and mentally I became drained and remained empty within, simply because I was not gaining or maintain with purpose or reason. Finally using my brain and not thinking within the influence of temptation. I am now currently free to invest my time into something I believe in, that is positive and not just about me. Once I separated myself from the crowd I was interacting with that did not share the same uplifting mindset, finally ridding myself of the setbacks along with any distractions that truly kept me content with running in place mentally and financially; I could think logically. It was then I could take the right steps towards mental rehabilitation.
Remember, you are the crowd you keep; If you surround yourself with Positive people who practice loving and striving to live a fulfilled life and those who are constantly working on self growth, that is the direction you will initially lean towards. When I finally grasp and accepted the concept that hard times will indeed come, but that doesn’t mean run away because anything worth having is worth working for. we should practice appreciating thing we currently have; not to be weighed down by focusing on whatever it is we do not have now. Engage with positive people who influence and stimulate growth. To make this process easy I surrounded myself with likeminded individuals who have a healthy hunger for receiving more out of life.
Don’t allow yourself to be consumed by those who only way of thinking is either the “get rich quick” scheme method or crabs in the barrel mentality. IF everything they suggest involves them making a come up off your expense, you’re being played and drained. You will always find yourself coming up short. When I was doing all the things that were “fun” but not essentially good for me physically, physically and financially; I had all the company and support I could want or need. Soon as I started to regain my confidence and began to focus on self-improvements, being conscious, taking responsibility and accountability; Nobody to hang with, short conversations and uninterested gestures. Suddenly I’m alone in a sense. Do I keep on striving or let the fear of being failure or just being another number in society force me into mediocrity?