Wisdom –  the quality or state of being wise;  knowledge of what is true or rightcoupled with just judgment as to action

Increased – to make greater, as in number, size, strength, or quality

Self – a person’s nature, character, etc – personal interest. a person or thing referred to with respect to complete individuality

Evolution – any process of formation or growth; development:

We can only go as low as our mind and circumstances allow, how long we stay in that low space is solely our choice. No one can keep you down even if they aided in knocking you down. We must be careful who we open and share ourselves with. when you allow/invite an individual (friend or significant other) into your life, now you are providing them with energy, room and time to get comfortable. If an individual is not stable themselves (emotionally, physically or financially) how could one possibly manage someone else?

Remember no one is obligated to do for ANYONE simply because the other party may express feeling entitled, especially before one have mastered doing for themselves. Once I realized my happiness was more important than the people that made me feel as if I had no choice but to be a crutch and or support them. I began to live a little, feeling a since of peace. Even if it meant less people in my life, I was finally content. Exercising the word “no” doesn’t make you a bad guy, giving until you’re now hindering yourself and enabling whomever; that’s a problem that you have now placed on yourself. The reason I chose the acronym for wise is because it speaks for itself. – Through life’s experiences we can grasp Wisdom + reality, how we obtain and display what we’ve learned is up to us. If I had a “friend” that I know is stealing from me and let’s add: always negative. I could A: accept that, it’s just who she is and ignore the situation or hide my purse and keep the conversation short. B: start a fb war or C: punch her in the face and possibly go to jail; D: apply my Wisdom … We shouldn’t practice hate regardless. Accept her for who she is and move on. {problem solved} I know it sounds crazy, however some people simply cannot help themselves because they may be mentally conflicted -– Same goes for an unhealthy relationship, how many bad examples are needed before one grasps that they can do and deserve better? Only things in life that we must understand and accept are; life, death and disappointments (their inevitable)

Once you increase your wisdom and apply it to yourself and EVOLVE within… You’ve Got this! Life can be hard however I truly believe we find comfort and pretending that we must accept people mess or that its ok to dwell in our own. Excuses are just admittance to failure. IF YOU KNEW BETTER, YOU’D DO BETTER!