Keep your guards up when meeting new individuals, even with current in counters and especially when you don’t know their intentions?

It is easy to understand how feeling accepted or noticed, one may believe is worth everything even sacrificing or disregard to their respect. This is never the problem when one is confident and content with who they are and how they respond with others. The sense of belonging to something or one other than your mother, is a wonderful exhilarating feeling I can admit. Fitting in always feels more comfortable rather than the feeling of not belonging or being an outcast. Everyone loves attention and to be liked by their peers.

When I was young and use to get into trouble in school and my excuse was blaming everything on other classmates. My father use to ask me “Are you a follower or a leader?” Then he would say “ya a@# keep acting like a clown, those people you are running with are going to still be laughing; while their passing and you’re behind, failing.”  To this day what he said stuck with me, even though my father was in and out majority of my life. If I would’ve realized back then that running with a so-called crowd or trying to be accepted or validated by “kids” would only bring attention and drama. Back then I didn’t know myself to understand, what made me happy and probably different from everyone else was simply okay. I remember one time (in elementary school) I took change from (undisclosed location) probably a piggy bank my momma had around the house, being that I was a child in school without a job. I decided to go to school and pass out the quarters to the kids, mainly the ones that apparently ran the class vote of who or what was (in).

The moral of the story do not give your last or what you don’t have in attempt to please peers, because at the end when the thrill is gone; they will forget, move on and deny it ever happened… Just like in the adult world, never feel obligated to gain the approval of anyone unless it’s your children (even that has boundaries) or someone who determines your paycheck. People prey on weak minded individuals and will solicit for your friendship just to manipulate it to fit them. For instance, ever notice when you have a vehicle or access to transportation; peers come out of the wood works. Needing a ride, wanting to take trips but forget vehicles operate on gas not friendship.

Remember: You are unique for being yourself not for being able to benefit anyone else. Ever feel like you’ve outgrown your childish ways, however your (now) adult friends are still on the same high school days foolery. Don’t feel obligated to join or accept any one’s irresponsibleness, disregard for other feelings or ambitions. Even if peer pressure is present, remember you can be YOU on your own and the right likeminded individuals will eventually gravitate to you.