Triple T Tuesday- Tell the Truth



Have you determined whether you were a giver or receiver; sexually, financially or mentally?

It’s easy to get caught up solely focused on our own desires, wants or needs. Once you’re able to identify and differentiate between what you may or may not be willing to compromise. Fact is, some of the things we may deem as a necessity may pose as hindrance or simply a deal breaker for someone else.

Are you willing to give up a person, place or thing if it was required to receive true love or happiness?

A drug habit, exs, no good friends/associates or even forbidden places

Ask yourself, what am I willing to give up receiving love or partnership.

Am I ready to receive anyone into my life now, will I be putting them into any situations. This would be the perfect time to evaluate any baggage. Financially, are there any setbacks within? There is nothing wrong with requiring or simply having high expectations but only if you met them as well. Let’s be honest, everyone knows someone with a Beverly hills attitude but a ghetto financial mindset. It’s hard to convince a millionaire if you’re not making any sense.

I’ve learned situations/relationships always run more smoothly when I didn’t give too much nor demand, however I remained stern in what it was I expected. You can’t let your guard down and come off as possibly settling. Instead of being firm and comfortable on what is that one may want or is willing to put out. Sometimes we will lower our standards to make OUR EXPECTATIONS APPEAR MORE OBTAINABLE or to make the pickings seem less slim.

The only problem with settling is you will never be at your full potential or truly be able to identify the experience happiness. Once a person knows that you are only along for stability or realize they have something to hold over you, it becomes easier for the “takers” to manipulate and control the situation. It’s okay to be a giver long as you have boundaries. Never feel you must except the minimum of what someone may be willing to give. Set you’re the tone for what you want and how you want it.