Mindful Monday
Be mindful of the situations and people you allow to penetrate your personal and mental space. It’s always best to distance yourself from distractions; to maintain and obtain clarity and be able to focus on your own life. Remember other people’s situation can affect your everyday life by simply turning them into your own situations. Is it just me or does everyone have that one or few individuals whom always seem to have something negative taking place in their lives, drama or “tea” that they want to discuss? 

Please believe if someone gossips with you, they gossip with them about you. (whoever they may be) 
I have been in plenty situations where someone’s problem became mine and vice versa. 

Ever been in a situation where a friend was homeless and now what seemed to be their problem is now your responsibility?


 I have learned though life’s experiences that everything that is good for the goose is not good for the gander. Often my associate’s problems became my own, first by becoming engaged into the conversation and then finding myself trying to solve a problem/situation that never involved me in the first place. I know firsthand that drama is a contagious vicious circle and when given the opportunity it can destroy families, friendships, relationships and ultimately happiness. 
One minute you’re just trying to be a friend and listen, then you find yourself giving what you felt to be sound advice or suggestions. Next thing you know; now you have someone mad or upset with you because you thought you were attempting to alleviate the situation, or maybe you were trying to stick up for your friend. There is nothing wrong with lending an ear to a friend, however that doesn’t mean one should feel obligated to place unnecessary strife amongst themselves. It’s okay to change the subject instead of succumbing to the situation at hand. Don’t be afraid to accept change even if that means outgrowing people you have known for years; some people accelerate in growth faster than others and that’s perfectly fine. It never pays off to sacrifice your growth and or happiness. The quicker we accept that yes, everyone needs to grow and deserve to succeed in life; however just because a person needs a change, change will not happen just because they want it to. Without self-motivation and ambition; as the saying goes “faith without works is dead.” If you allow, people will drain you of your sanity, happiness and peace of mind. Remember it’s not considered helping someone else by over extending yourself, attempting to help but instead becoming a hindrance to yourself.

How can one determine if an individual(s) is bad for your health, mental or physical? If the casual conversation doesn’t pertain to elevation or building and simple always revolving one’s personal issues and seem to always concern everyone else other than themselves… 9 times out of 10, they’re trouble and will eventually bring it to you. Never feel guilty for eliminating people from your “to do list” cause some people you just “don’t have to do” Meaning surround yourself with genuine love and support.
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