• Survival mom

Hanna; Born and raised from the struggle, some might have assumed we were middle class, but it didn’t take much to be considered middle class in the D. I came from a family of three, my mother was a single parent, the hardest working woman I knew. Once we went a whole week in the dark, no cable, a few times we had no hot water and we went months without a phone. Somehow my mother always provided food without a problem; I got pregnant at seventeen, hide my pregnancy until I was 38 weeks. My mother died 2 weeks before her first granddaughter was born, doctors said it was her heart; I believe she was simply tired. Tired of struggling, the pressure of raising me and my sibling with bare minimum. Leaving me to sub lease her project housing, my mother didn’t have any money saved. The funeral was barely covered, the state paid a small portion and she was cremated. I obtained the necessities my daughter needed for her to come home, with my mother’s unemployment checks I continued to cash.

  • Uncappable -problem child

Chrissy- I was a wild child, cps (child protective services) had been involved in my life since I was born. My mother gave up her parental rights by the time I was three. Finally adopted by the age of eight into this Christian family, that was fun for a while until I decided to rebel. I was out on my own by 13 and pregnant by fifteen, which was my first abortion. I continued searching for my mother and my identity, unsuccessful at both. I was involved with a guy twice my age at the time I was partying (doing drugs), being irresponsible, and doing whatever I believed I was bad enough to do. Escaping y reality and the emotions of feeling forsaken. My son Joshua was conceived by the age of 19, he was born different from other children. I never thought I’d give birth to a child with special needs, once Willis found out he made it clear “He wanted no parts of this situation.” He never signed the birth certificate nor did we ever speak to me again.