Healing the issues within ourselves and humanity. Instead of constructing a better surrounding within, rebuilding and establishing unity: often I see the destruction of humanity, unity and each other. We are quick to expose and exploit the problems instead of the solutions. We must do better, stop the out pour of self-hatred and ignorance. If you’re not the solution, then one could only be part of the problem. What makes anyone who preaches hate towards indifference or the exile of anyone who express themselves in unique way different from a racist? I have seen black men betray their own ethnicity group for money, followers and even worst; simply to fit in. On one side; we have the likes of Tommy Sotomayor who is a known radio host. whom is famous for the pity party and shaming of black women. He chastises them for wearing weaves, and chooses the most uneducated, loud and ignorant black people he can find; just to exploit and embarrass them, then afterwards he compares them to white women. Now at my first my response was going to be a verbal attack him at his logic.  Then I realized, I’d be giving him exactly what he wanted: An angry mad black woman. Now some of his follower’s state “he cares about black people, he wants them to do better” So my next questions would be, why doesn’t Mr. Sototmayor encourage, uplift and inform the black community instead of bashing it? He posted a recent video referring to a pro black man dating a white female playboy bunny model. He stated” The black man seemed happier when he changed up his dating preference” to be honest maybe he was, however what does that have to do with anything. What if he was dating an Asian or Indian woman, would he not be happy? He went on and on about how the woman did not wear weaves, he under the assumption black woman do not and cannot grow their own hair. He clearly doesn’t know the difference between perms and relaxers, make-up, natural or body enhancements. I guess he feels black women are the only ones who alter their bodies. I’m sure white men wore powdered wigs…. My point is he boast and encourage ignorance not awareness. I tried to offer solid points in one of his live broadcast and of course I was muted by him or a moderator. Figures, he made it a point to read all the ignorant, misspelled responses. I guess he has to make a living somehow. The likes of him along with other’s who shed light on their own insecurities by reflecting upon others. I feel that the self hatred that was inflected on our ancestors had mad it’s way to our current day and time, between people bleaching their skin and altering their bodies to be what society deems fit as beautiful.