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Thirsty Thursday’s- Thought & lesson taught — January 5, 2018

Thirsty Thursday’s- Thought & lesson taught


Thirsty Thursday’s- Thought & lesson taught

As a writer, entrepreneur, or anything that requires sales, clients/customers, and or interaction. In the beginning, it is easy to become almost desperate for new followers/supporters, views and will do just about anything to gain them. Most of us research, work long and hard while investing into the very thing we believe in. Sometimes it gets frustrating when it seems as if we are simply stuck in the same place. I know personally there are people/ groups that prey on the lost and determined. I too have been in the same boat, I did what most people would do; google some ish and stumble across some bogus Ads stating, they have the marketing strategy to drive traffic to one’s platform. Well let me tell ya, IT’S A SCAM! What these people do is down right horrid, they take your money and basically play you. Yeah sure they promise you higher numbers and they provide those however, if you check out each account that followed your platform; you’ll soon learn that they are empty fake accounts aka bots. The creator is nothing more than a hacker so to speak. They manipulate the systems and or somehow gain control over multiple accounts and span likes and follows. Only problem is once they are done, you will not receive constant activity only high numbers. Prime example: EXPERT GRAM; found this company through facebook ads. It wasn’t until I decided I wanted to write and do positive outreach did I notice alllllll the facebook ads geared towards what I wanted, tried and attempted to do.

 Basically, anyone can create an ad or company via facebook without much research into the company. I left a comment on their facebook page stating that I knew how these things work and forewarned people of the bogus company and their types. Guess what? That stroked a nerve, the next thing I knew I received a filtered message calling me a fxxxing bxxxx. Then an Dm via Instagram requesting I remove my comment and rating, a bit of back and forth with the creator; telling me that I was wrong and that I knew northing about their company. Once I refused to take down my ad…. BOOOM! Not only did the man prove my point by flooding my IG with rude comments, spammed over 2000 likes on a picture and continued to spam the heal not harm facebook page. Oh, and I almost forgot my personal website healnotharm365.com was also spammed with dirty comments. All because I gave facts and a rating. Success cannot be bought overnight and even if it could, it wouldn’t be 9.99 or even 29.99. Also, I want to point out all the positive /motivational speaker’s ads and or courses that are floating around; ESPECIALLY ON FACEBOOK! Targets are created and based on one’s interest (frequent clicking) . Be smart! Truth be told, there isn’t any paid or magical formula to success! Just because it glitters doesn’t mean its diamonds or gold. I paid for an e-book that supposedly gave tips/steps- on how to successfully blog. Yeah it was merely $5.85 but imagine $5.85 times 1000+, not only that; as I was trying to check out the ebook I agreed on, there are at least 3-5 additional services that are apparently offered as a supreme package upgrade. Now if everything is in this ebook for 5.85, why do I need the additional information, which was anywhere from $100-300!! Once I denied the additionals, next; I received a free webinar invitation. Long story short, the speaker talked in circles and offered additional courses for a price of course. The webinar simply covered the speaker’s success and minimal pointers, but the topic went from blogging to selling. Hence why I feel that hard work will quench a thirst faster than a quick payment. Sacrifice, patience and consistency are the keys to success 


Transition Tuesday -by CrownVicDMV — January 24, 2018

Transition Tuesday -by CrownVicDMV

Failure is good for you. This concept may not apply to every situation, but you must understand with failure comes knowledge. If you examine the factors involved with why you failed, it can help ensure you don’t fail for that same reason in the future. We cannot be afraid of failure and we cannot use the fear of failure as an excuse to not try. In life we all fail, but how you perceive that failure ultimately determines what happens after it has taken place. People tend to become discouraged after a fail. We must understand failure gives us the opportunity to eliminate weaknesses. By analyzing the dynamics that surround a fail we can better adjust behavioural patters so that they are more consistent with winning. Under certain circumstances the rule applies that you will not win, until you first learn how to properly fail. Some of us find ourselves in the same situation simply because we haven’t learned the lesson from the first failure. We must use these failures to our advantage. We must manipulate them so that although the situation didn’t have the desired outcome, we still take away some good from it. In essence we must find the good in the bad. We must not allow failure to be the end. We must be resilient and always conscious of the overall goal. We must remember one fail does not always mean success can’t still be achieved. If you maximize your wins and are capable of turning a potentially bad situation into a positive, you have established a foundation for a consistently successful lifestyle. No matter how successful you are, no matter how much money you have, no matter how friends are in your circle, it is a fact adversity will find a way to hinder progress. We as people must make a choice  to not allow that hindrance to stop progress in entirety. Stay focused. Stay resilient. Stay Victorious.

Mindful Monday- Mindful energy / surroundings — January 23, 2018

Mindful Monday- Mindful energy / surroundings

Being mindful of the company one keeps and what energy is allowed into our lives.
What type of people do one surround themselves with, what type of people do one hang out with?  
(people you surround yourself with doesn’t necessarily mean that one hangs with them) i.e I had associates I’d party with and separate associates I’d hang and gossip with. –
What drew one to them, have you learned anything of value?
Do they increase or decrease? Do they have your best interest and command growth?
When I was younger I had tons of friends, so I thought. As of now… Personally about 2, several friends in passing and let’s not forget my hundreds of associates. Hundreds via social media that is, you’d be surprised who tend to think they know you based off a picture, captions and videos. When I was younger and naïve I wasn’t capable of being a good friend, I never understood the definition.
How could I even befriend a decent friend?
Majority of my friendships came from trials and error and very few stuck, even the ones who did, it was a rocky journey. I did not understand nor demonstrate accountability, loyalty or honesty. I just enjoyed people being around me, unaware of my own undoing’s and the stress or drama people could inflict into each one’s lives.
Since I’ve been on this recent path of seeking guidance and my life’s purpose from building a closer relationship with God, taking accountability for my actions past, present and future. I had to allow forgiveness for myself and others into my heart. I understand that I am human so that means I am capable of growing, adapting and moving forward. I’ve learned, I am only as good as the company I keep. To attract better company, I needed to become better within. Along came knowledge, then came improvements. I would constantly ask God for a change. The answer I received “It has to begin with you.” Releasing my past, hurt and betrayal merely built on justifications and ignorance. I began to strive to be a better person to myself and others.
Be mindful that; The (TYPE) of people, places and things ONE allows into their lives will influence energy levels and some outcomes. Negative plus a negative does NOT equal a positive.
Surround yourself with people who wants you to win, who will support you and wishes the best for you genuinely.
Ditch all naysayers, doubters, gossipers, dependents and NEGATIVE ENERGY ASAP
Today’s solutions- tomorrow’s stress — January 10, 2018

Today’s solutions- tomorrow’s stress

1pizzaIntroducing the first Pizza Hut fully autonomous delivery concept vehicle, Toyota is teaming up with pizza hut and investing millions into these vehicles. The driverless concept vehicle that could one day cook and deliver Pizza Hut pies will be available in the near future. Now I have weighed out the pros and the cons but I want to let you decide what do you feel is best in the people’s interest. I personally think that it’s a bitter sweet deal, in the past individuals (delivering pizza) have gotten threatened, hurt and even lost lives providing the diligence within the community. So, I understand the safety being the company’s concern and liability. I do not mean to sound insensitive, however individuals have lost their lives in the line of duty for centuries and you don’t see the military replacing soldiers with robots or droids. The issue with this situation is that thousands of individuals will be without jobs unless, that is they are possibly the mechanics fixing the machines. Instead of wage increases and or better benefits for individuals, pizza hunt is investing into these machines. How many people will be laid off? This is a trend that been causing controversy, are robots replacing humans? We see it happening right before our eyes. Another example, EZ-pass has replaced the jobs held by individuals in the tolls with machines and automated readers. I guess the internet plays a major part in this evolution as well; notice all the online shopping. What happen to driving to a mall and manually shopping, so many stores have gone out of business. Today’s solutions are tomorrow’s troubles, technology is a convenience and is being put ahead of humans. Studies suggest that technology is making us lazy and taking away jobs. What will they think of next?

No Whining Wednesday – Don’t Drown Your Own Voice — heroicallybadwriter — Momentary Lapse Of Sanity —

No Whining Wednesday – Don’t Drown Your Own Voice — heroicallybadwriter — Momentary Lapse Of Sanity

Originally posted on The PBS Blog: Welcome back to another No Whining Wednesday! If this is your first time visiting this blog or if you are new to this segment, please visit the original No Whining Wednesday post HERE to learn more OR the No Whining Wednesday Page to access all previous episodes. The No… via […]

via No Whining Wednesday – Don’t Drown Your Own Voice — heroicallybadwriter — Momentary Lapse Of Sanity

Mindful Monday- Energy harvest — January 9, 2018

Mindful Monday- Energy harvest

This is the second week of a new year, congratulations! Everyone above ground is blessed and have something to be happy about because that means we were lucky enough to have made it to 2018! Often time when we go into a new year, majority of us create new year’s resolutions to strive for; some more realistic than others meanwhile some reframe from the tradition for lack of hope/faith, fear of failing, comfortability and maybe don’t have a clue as to how to start a new. Well I’m here to tell ya, baby steps are better than no steps. I was recently stuck in a rut mindset when it came to fulfill my purpose on this earth (I believe everyone has one) and guidance to lifestyle improvements. If we can identify where it is we lack and need to excel; financial, physical, mental and or spiritual, that is a start. I noticed I put more time and energy into distractions, looking for short cuts, how I messed up in my past and why it’s effecting my future. For instance; I never completed college, I had children at a young and unready age and I also held so much hurt and resentment from my past that it hindered my growth. I wasted too much time and energy in the things that did not determine who I was but did not realized those situations showed the progress to who I am or to become. I expected the success and happiness from the world at no cost, without hard work, commitment, dedication, sacrifice or patience. I never worked hard in my life, hence why I never received anything worth keeping because I didn’t understand what earning was. I am here now to share my story and provide the keys I never realized we all always obtained and possessed within. Patience, knowing that nothing happens over night and if it does; most likely it may have the possibility of crumbling just as fast. One hit wonders are a prime example, someone who forces their all into one project and burn themselves out before they really begun. Think about it, what’s better food from the microwave or made on the stove? Yea, the microwave is a convenience but not a permanent solution. In life we should treat our energy and passion the same, we must invest and harvest.  This is just a reminder to be mindful of who we share our harvest with and what we spend our energy on. Are we investing into something that will produce positivity and productivity? What’s stopping us from reaching our full potential? Who is in control of our energy?

https://www.spreaker.com/episode/13743711 — January 7, 2018
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🎊🎈✌🏾❤️DEAR 2018; Welcome — January 2, 2018

🎊🎈✌🏾❤️DEAR 2018; Welcome

New Year- fixing bugs

Ok so I have seen a lot of slack on my timeline taunting those who uses the cliché “New year, new me” As if to say nobody believes you or simply shut up already! … This is how I see it,

if iOS can upgrade/ update every month so can I 🙄👀😂

So NEW YEAR – #2018 is a updated/ upgraded me.

Fixing the bugs- leaving all ill feelings and negativity behind.. old habits die hard ✊🏾

So for 2018 I’ve made a list of the things I brought with me

Opportunities, positivity and gods will into the NEW YEAR #2018 – shed any fears, self doubt, negativity and crabs in a barrel type people. LEAVE all hurt, hatred and burdens in 2017… You got this and GOD HAS YOU 💕❤️✊🏾😎


What I left behind-

Toxic friendships

  • Any friendship that requires more energy than is received
  • Money borrowers (how can one get ahead)
  • Debbie downers/negative Nate (stuck in a rut always complaining)
  • Competition
  • Loyalty can’t be bought and shouldn’t be questioned


  • Draining/ sacrifice
  • Tolerating less then / setting poor examples of expectations
  • Investments into a positive future is through having a baby
  • Jail birds/ failed street sales man- hard head soft behind
  • Past with holding future


  • Self-doubt
  • Distractions
  • Reminiscing on past attempts
  • Listening to naysayers/others who aren’t excelling in their own life
  • Ill feelings towards anyone- (holding grudges aren’t healthy.)
MIND OVER your MATTER/ ITS ALL IN YOU MIND — December 18, 2017



Mindful mindset; Strive or Escape


• The established set of attitudes held by someone.

• A settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior.

• A position of the body proper to or implying an action or mental state.

Damaged Good Syndrome; Every one of us have been hurt and have accused our actions on dealing with prior situations that cause one to be stuck in a harmful/damaged mindset.


• Make forceful or violent efforts to get free of restraint or constriction.

• A forceful or violent effort to get free of restraint or resist attack.

Hurt people tend to hurt other people, a lot of us are currently or have experienced anger due to our past. Either a loved one or a person of interest has disappointed or hurt us; either verbal or physical and until the wounds of our sorrows are healed, only then can one truly begin to heal and is able to grow. Bitterness, anger and violence are emotional seeds that are plated through life’s difficult times, hard situations and experiences. For instance, we are not born with worries or self-doubt. Insecurity, poverty and anger are learned through generational damage without healing or correction. Once learned we express those things through our language and behaviors. No one owns their past, yet we are quick to revisit past hurt or disappointment. We can no longer blame our short comings or wrong doings on things that will not and cannot change; We own our emotions and actions, the only thing we can change is ourselves. When I see in the news children attempting suicide, my heart feels heavy. I wonder what the child was exposed to, who planted the seeds of worthlessness? We are stronger than we think, we can influence others with words and actions; positively and negatively. Positive thoughts produce positive actions and vice versa for negativity. The mind can either be our prison or our escape. If your mind is a prison, it holds you hostage with the things that hurt you the most. Remembering all the foul things ever done or said now applied to everything one does. Someone tell you that they hate your hair, more than likely the first thing we would attempt to do is change your hair in attempt to change their mind. Acting to change another opinion BUT won’t change our actions to produce better circumstances. We must learn to love and appreciate ourselves and constantly invest and improve. Grow and teach our own to break any cycle of depression, violence, self-doubt and or any insecurity. Life isn’t always what it seems. Life may appear to be a constant struggle or hassle but keep in mind everything worth having is never easily obtained. Think about it; to identify with what happiness truly is, we must experience the opposite. The key is making the choice to win the race by creating our own lane.

No success nor struggle are identical, but each is guaranteed to fulfill a purpose; trials are meant to be testimonies, not permanent burdens nor endings. Free your mind and the rest will follow, I believe that’s in a song but its so true. Allow yourself to live and remember nothing can stop you from being happy or successful EXCEPT YOUR TRAIB OF THOUGHT- what’s your mindset

Ps never too late to succeed!